Jan 15, 2011

EMCA Winner - December 15 -January 14

Congratulations to Katrina of The Bitsy Beau! She made 11 lovely treasuries. 

A very close second goes to Terra of Terra's Treasures! She made 9 lovely treasuries.

All together, 32 treasuries were made. Great job ladies!

Just by way of reminder, especially for our new members: there are rules for participation in the EMCA award. Especially important is the rule that 100% of the featured items in your treasury must be from Etsy Mom shops. To read the rules, please go to the October 2010 issue of the team newsletter. The rules and guidelines for participation in the EMCA are clearly listed there. 

A big Thank You to everyone who participated last month! We look forward to seeing even more treasuries next month.